This year, a major event happened, the biggest thing I’ve ever had to face, which made me completely re-evaluate my life. One change, one decision that came out of that evaluation was the decision to go travelling. So Andy and I are leaving behind our 9 to 5 office jobs, the mortgage, the life that many believe we should be living and we’re going to explore this beautiful world.

It’s not a decision I personally made lightly but an element of the decision was, if we don’t go now, we probably never will.

We gave in our notice at work. That was the biggest leap for me as I had to give three months notice. That meant I had to give notice before anything was planned, before flights were booked, and before the house sorted out. All we had was a wish list of where we wanted to go on our travels.

So here we are writing this blog, documenting the entire process. If you want to see how our planning goes and follow us round the world, we’ll post posting here and on Instagram page beans_on_tour

Happy travels!